Ways We Live More Sustainably: The Milkweeds

I’ve been wanting to do an article about the many different lifestyle and infrastructure changes we as individuals have made at DR to reduce our impact on the planet.   Fortunately, the Milkweeds wrote just such an article for their blog, Ecovillage Musings.  Like they say in their post, outside of the 6 covenants we live by here at DR,  everyone chooses how far they will go to shrink their footprint.  This is their story, and if I can convince some others to talk about their lives, I will post more stories here.  If you want to find out a little about how Thomas lives, or lived a few years back, check out this video.

Link to the article

One thought on “Ways We Live More Sustainably: The Milkweeds

  1. Nice Video

    Tom does look kinda Buzzed, was it the mushroom he was picking?
    gofrola mondosa/ mytakiec lol and walnuts umm

    I wrote to him telling him to check out my site for info on how to build a aquaponics system. he seems very interested in food production systems.
    I hope he vist’s my site.

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